Which folk remedies for the treatment of prostatitis are better and more effective

back pain with prostatitis

Treating prostatitis with folk remedies is quite acceptable and can be very effective, but in order for therapy to be just that, and not harm or aggravate the disease, you need to know what prostatitis is and how it manifests itself.

What is prostatitis?

Prostatitis is an inflammation of the prostate, or rather an inflammatory process caused by the activity of bacteria and other pathogens. The pathology can occur in an acute or chronic form, the difference between them is observed only in the strength of the manifestation of the characteristic symptoms.

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If the acute course of prostatitis is accompanied by strong painful sensations, difficulties to urinate, symptoms of general intoxication, then the chronic form manifests itself in more cloudy signs and is characterized by a wavy course, with alternating periods of remission and exacerbations of the inflammatory condition. process.

It is worth thinking about how to treat prostatitis with folk remedies if the following symptoms are observed:

  • frequent desire to go to the bathroom, while a small amount of urine is released;
  • there is delay in urination and cramps in the urethra;
  • several neurosomatic symptoms appear - lethargy, apathy, increased fatigue or anxiety and irritability, which can lead to depression;
  • the appearance in the urine, mainly in its morning portions, whitish formations, similar to threads;
  • urination becomes intermittent, while interruptions in this process are accompanied by severe burning and pain;
  • pulling discomfort in the scrotum, groin, lower back and abdomen;
  • swelling in the perineum.

The presence of such signs directly indicates the presence of an infectious focus in the body and the increasing activity of the pathogenic microflora. If alarming symptoms appear, you should immediately contact a urologist for an examination.

In the case of the diagnosis of prostatitis, it is necessary to discuss with the doctor not only the use of medications, but also alternative methods of treatment, including various popular methods and formulations. Proven natural remedies will be a good addition to the main course of treatment and will help speed up your recovery.

When is treatment of prostatitis with folk remedies especially effective?

consultation with a specialist in the treatment of prostatitis

Even the most effective folk remedies for prostatitis cannot always help, which is why, prior to treatment, an accurate diagnosis of the state of health and a detailed consultation with a urologist, as well as the approval of a doctor for the chosen method of combatinflammation, are mandatory.

As a rule, treatment of chronic prostatitis with folk remedies is ineffective. The disease in this form usually develops slowly over a long period of time. In some cases, the patient may not even notice the presence of prostatitis, attributing the malaise to the consequences of a common cold or overwork.

In this case, several changes already occur at the cellular level, within the organ itself and in the urethra. In such a situation, the use of herbal infusions and other natural remedies can only slightly relieve the state of health during exacerbations of prostatitis.

But, right at the beginning of the disease, when the first signs of inflammation of the prostate appear, traditional medicine gives a positive result, effectively complementing and potentiating the therapeutic effect of the drugs. Often, with a moderate severity of the disease, urologists themselves recommend the use of a certain combination of drug therapy, physiotherapy procedures and popular methods based on natural or herbal components during treatment.

It is worth highlighting such an important feature of the most popular recipes as a preventive action that prevents the development and the occurrence of inflammatory processes in the prostate. Products that can simultaneously cure and prevent the onset of infection include infusions of Chaga mushroom, pumpkin seeds, mummy ointments and common iodine, found in all home medicine cabinets. The action of these funds aims to inhibit the activity of pathogenic microorganisms and prevent their growth and reproduction.


Only the attending physician can competently judge the extent to which the use of certain prescriptions is permitted in the treatment of adenoma or inflammation of the prostate, based on the data from the examination of the patient's health status, the results of the analyzes and the characteristics of the course of the prostate. illness.

Unambiguous contraindications to the use of popular methods include chronic forms of prostate disease. In addition, it is imperative to take into account the general state of health and the presence of concomitant diseases, since the active substances of many natural ingredients and herbal preparations can cause allergic reactions. Some components can negatively affect the state of the liver, stomach, kidneys, functioning of the cardiovascular or nervous system.

A serious contraindication is personal intolerance to the components included in the recipe. For example, men prone to allergies are not recommended to use recipes that include propolis, mummy, bee venom and other ingredients that cause hypersensitivity reactions. In this case, the treatment of prostatitis with home remedies does not bring any benefit, but rather harms and results in serious complications - Quincke's edema, anaphylactic shock.

With an integrated approach to treatment, that is, combining popular medicines and formulations, moments such as the incompatibility of natural remedies with the active element of the medicine are possible. Therefore, the use of certain traditional medicine recipes must necessarily be agreed with and approved by the responsible urologist.

The best recipes

exercise for the treatment of prostatitis

There are several methods and recipes for dealing with a common male disease, which, according to the statistics of every five male representatives, has accumulated among the people. Feedback on the use of prescriptions, both from patients and doctors themselves, helps to navigate the variety of techniques used for centuries and adapted to today's reality.

Even the most effective folk remedies for the treatment of prostatitis will not give a positive result without adjusting the lifestyle. Experts advise men to moderate physical activity and healthy eating, constant care for their own immunity and the fight against hypodynamics.

In other words, a working day at an office desk must be compensated by active exercises at the gym, long walks in the open air, morning exercises and jogging in the park. An important point in the treatment of prostatitis is regular sex life and, best of all, with a reliable and proven partner.

As for recipes, the best can be considered therapeutic methods using collections of herbs, juices, mummies, massage cans, tar, absinthe, celery root and parsley, Chaga mushroom, propolis, onion, cabbage and chestnuts.

Herbs Collection

Today, ready-made collections of medicinal plants for the treatment of prostatitis are sold in pharmacies, with detailed instructions for their use. The most effective are herbal teas and infusions, which include licorice root, parsley root, fennel, hops, juniper bark and berries, rosehip, chamomile, nettle and mint.

If desired, any herbal infusion can be prepared independently of plant materials collected by the person himself. It is common to combine all the components in equal proportions, and the proportion with the water should be as follows - one tablespoon of dry plant material per 250 ml of boiling water.

You need to drink infusions and teas at least three times a day, 20-40 minutes before meals. For those who are prone to allergic reactions, it is better to use not complex multicomponent preparations, but a type of medicinal plant.

Nettle decoction

nettle for the treatment of prostatitis

The most effective therapy, ideally combined with all medications and not causing allergies, is the use of nettle. It must be harvested before flowering and prepared in the same proportion with water as any of the rates - 250 ml of boiling water per tablespoon of dry raw material.

Decoction of parsley and celery

Undisputed in its effectiveness in the fight against prostate adenoma is a decoction of celery and parsley roots. The roots need to be cut, filled with water at a ratio of 1: 5 and boiled over very low heat for 10-15 minutes, then leave to infuse and cool. A glass on an empty stomach should be taken twice a day.

Juices and vegetables

Natural juices are best suited not to treat a pathological process, but to prevent its development. Fruit and vegetable juices have diuretic properties, help to eliminate congestion in the prostate and thus eliminate the cause that contributes to the reproduction of pathogenic microflora.

Best juices

For the purpose of prevention, it is recommended to drink juices such as carrots, cabbage, beets, radish juice with added parsley, pumpkin, plum cherry, plum, apple and melon. It is advisable to take 50 ml of natural juice in the morning, before breakfast, diluting in half with boiled water.

Radish juice

Among the vegetables that can effectively help in the treatment of prostatitis, the onion in combination with the honey and the radish are ahead. The recipe is very simple - the onion and radish pulp, eaten in equal amounts, must be chopped, mixed with honey in an arbitrary proportion and well mixed. This mixture should be left in a warm place for 2-3 hours. During this time, the juice will be released, which is placed in a separate bowl and taken in a tablespoon, 20 minutes before meals, twice a day.

Suction cup massage

This physiotherapy procedure has long been used by healers. In the folkloric variation, the massage was done with poplar or birch salt at bath time. Medical benches are now used for the procedure.

It is impossible to do this massage alone, as it is almost impossible to place cans on you and at the same time be in a relaxed position. In modern conditions, this type of treatment is performed in the physiotherapist's office and in some massage parlors that have urologists and physiotherapists on their team.

Tar, chestnuts, mummies and other folk remedies for prostatitis

mummy for the treatment of prostatitis

Birch tar is one of the most potent agents against all types of infections and any bacterial activity in the body. However, this unique product has many contraindications and is the strongest allergen, incompatible with many medications. The possibility of using a natural product and the intake schedule should be agreed with the doctor.

In the treatment of prostatitis, tar is used in two versions - in the form of tar water and rectal ointment.

Tar water

To make this recipe, the concentrated essence of the tar is mixed with water in the proportion of 1 to 8, boiled and then taken 100 grams per day half an hour before meals for 10-12 days, after which you need to take a break for aweek and repeat the course.

Tar Ointment

The rectal ointment is prepared as follows - the tar is heated, mixed with propolis in a 3: 1 ratio and injected into the rectum in a volume of 3-8 drops. The procedure is performed once a day, before bed, for 3 months.


Chestnut is a well-known remedy used in the Mediterranean to combat male diseases. For prostatitis, the skin of the nuts is fermented. Proportions - 2 tablespoons per 200 ml of water. Chestnut tea should be infused for at least half an hour. It is drunk as a simple drink throughout the day.

This method is not recommended if you are overweight or have a tendency to do so, as the nut significantly speeds up the metabolic process and therefore causes a strong feeling of hunger. That is, when using this recipe, there is a high likelihood of eating disorders and overeating.


Shilajit or mountain resin is sold in all pharmacies as a dietary supplement. This is an absolutely universal natural remedy that can deal with almost all types of pathogenic bacteria, but it does not go well with a number of pharmaceutical products. It is best to buy a mummy in tablets and take three pieces a day, after dissolving them in water. A quarter of a cup of warm water is enough for one pill.


Propolis is drunk, the propolis medicinal solutions are also sold in pharmacies. However, this remedy is a strong allergen and is contraindicated for people with a tendency to allergic reactions to bee products, kidney diseases, carriers of the immunodeficiency virus and who suffer from liver failure.

You cannot be treated with propolis tincture for violations in the functioning of the adrenal glands and a number of thyroid pathologies. In the absence of contraindications, the tincture is administered in 2-4 drops in the morning, on an empty stomach for 3-4 months.

In general, treatment of prostatitis in men with folk remedies can be successful if you do not engage in self-prescription and self-medication, but agree to therapy with your doctor and obtain approval for alternative procedures.

Reviews of treatment of prostatitis with folk remedies

Comment number 1

"I am 64 years old, but unlike many of my colleagues who have long since lost interest in personal life due to prostatitis, I am in excellent shape. The sex life is good and this is very important for men, as it keeps the body infitness and allows you to stay in good physical shape What is the secret to success?

All my life I have had a partner - my beloved wife, and the recipes of traditional medicine have helped to maintain the health of men. During my life, I have rarely used drugs, I prefer to be treated with herbs, bee products and other natural ingredients.

For the prevention of prostatitis, I take propolis tincture. I was personally convinced of its effectiveness. I cook myself, I don't buy it at the pharmacy. I take courses three times a year and I feel great. I advise men to look less at the glass and think more about their health, so there will be no problems with potency. "

Review number 2

"A year ago I was diagnosed with prostatitis. I always thought that this disease would happen in old age, but I am only 40 years old and I already have this diagnosis. The acute manifestations of the disease were interrupted with medications, in addition, the doctor advised the use of folk remedies. to prevent recurrences. "

At the pharmacy I bought a special collection of herbs that have an antiseptic, anti-inflammatory and antimicrobial effect and started taking a decoction. I underwent treatment for a month, now I feel much better, I am looking for and applying new recipes that help prevent exacerbations. I try to eat well, drink vegetable and fruit juices, they support the immune system and prevent the development of infections ".

Review number 3

"I tried to treat prostatitis with folk remedies - I drank an infusion of sore, herbal decoctions, took several tinctures, but the effect was negligible. In the end I went to the doctor, took a course in antibiotic therapy, and only after that, I recovered.

He also received a reprimand from an expert, as it is not realistic to cure prostatitis with herbs. They can only be used as a supplement to basic treatment, so it is better to have medical professionals than Grandma's remedies. "