Effective methods for complex treatment of prostatitis

This disease is one of the most common among male pathologies, which can be of a different nature (acute and slow pathology). This attack appears for several reasons.

But, regardless of the causes of the pathologies, the patient has to undergo complex therapy for the treatment of such a disease, in order to heal without leaving a trace.

Here, in the article, many aspects of such therapy are disclosed, how effective is its application. Questions were also raised about the new methods used by the medical profession.

How to treat acute prostatitis

This pathology is not difficult to diagnose. It has characteristics that are difficult to confuse: pain in the perineal region, discomfort when urinating. The treatment of a type of acute pathology includes drug therapy with antibiotics and an anti-inflammatory complex.

The ultrasound examination allows to determine the size and biological status of the prostate. In case of signs of acute and complex intoxication, the patient should be referred to the hospital immediately. The milder forms of acute prostatitis can be treated on an outpatient basis.

During the course of therapy, some complications arise, namely:

  • the development of an acute stage for a chronic one;
  • purulent inflammation of the prostate.

Most often, with proper treatment, complete recovery takes place in a reasonably short period of time with the use of timely therapy. However, foci of growth of these tissues that can harm the organ can remain inside the gland. To determine if they are, it is possible to find out by means of a transrectal ultrasound.

How to treat chronic prostatitis

The pathology usually develops without pronounced symptoms, sometimes for a very long period, calculated in years. Perhaps the appearance of such symptoms:

  • the appearance of increased urine production;
  • pulling pain in the lower abdominal cavity;
  • dysfunction of the ejaculation process.

The treatment of this pathology is carried out with antibiotics for about 5-7 weeks. The course of complex therapy for prostatitis also includes the use of agents that stimulate tissue repair and anti-inflammatory processes.

The complex's doctors also prescribe alpha-blocking drugs that reduce prostate arousal. Among the physiotherapy methods, the most popular for this disease are microwave therapy and myostimulation sessions.

Treatment of asymptomatic chronic prostatitis

This type of pathology develops without showing signs. Many experts believe that asymptomatic prostatitis does not need urgent treatment.

Just perform some preventive procedures. Prevention also implies an adequate diet, an active lifestyle, avoiding alcohol and taking vitamin preparations.

Complex treatment of chronic non-bacterial prostatitis

In the therapeutic complex for the treatment of this pathology, means and methods are used, such as:

  • antibacterial drugs;
  • sessions of various types of physiotherapy;
  • collection of herbs and different types of phytopreparations;
  • Anti-inflammatory therapy.

The signs of the pathology are very similar to the symptoms of common prostatitis, a slow form.

The most relevant types of complex treatment today

The most popular types of complex therapy for prostatitis are:

  • antibacterial complex;
  • anti-inflammatories;
  • immune complex;
  • physiotherapy sessions;
  • massage treatments;
  • Operation.

What are each of the methods?

Anti-inflammatory therapy

capsules and pills for the treatment of prostatitis

The complex course of cure provides for the use of various drugs with an anti-inflammatory effect.

Basically, they are special tools, for example:

  • propolis candles (broad spectrum drugs, suppress the inflammatory process, increase the body's immunity);
  • suppositories with ichtiol (used for slow forms of pathology, increase blood circulation and have analgesic properties).

Antibacterial therapy

With this therapy, antibiotics are used. They are considered the basis of the entire course of complex therapy in all cases of this pathology, especially in acute prostatitis. This type of prostatitis can be completely cured with the use of such drugs, as long as they are prescribed correctly. And there will be no more complications.

The main thing in this case is the correct selection of antibacterial medication. This takes into account the sensitivity of microorganisms to this drug, the capabilities of the drug and the sensitivity of the patient's body to it.

The safety of the medication for the patient must be the main one when it comes to prescribing it, especially if the medication has to be used for a long time. A course of antibacterial drugs is prescribed with obvious symptoms of an infectious lesion. In this case, the patient's body temperature increases, pain occurs in the perineum.

Antibacterial agents of various macrolides are especially popular in modern medicine. These drugs have tissue-penetrating properties. This ability allows them to overcome the barriers of the tissue in the prostate and reach directly the foci of inflammation.

This treatment is usually carried out for a maximum of two weeks. In the absence of any improvement at the end of the course, the use of the product must be stopped. If changes towards efficacy are noticeable, treatment with the prescribed medication can be continued until complete healing occurs.

Immunostimulant therapy

In addition to the healing methods described earlier, doctors often receive immunostimulating medications; drugs for prostatitis are cheap and effective. It should also be noted that a decrease in the body's immunity or the protective function of individual organs quickly leads to the development of bacterial forms of prostatitis.

Therefore, it is unacceptable to forget immunomodulatory agents. These drugs in complex therapy are prescribed when various forms of pathology are detected. In most cases, drugs containing zinc in the chemical composition are prescribed. It is this element that has the ability to destroy harmful bacteria and viruses.

Immunostimulating herbal preparations are no less popular here. Among them, the preparation of Echinacea deserves special attention. There are remedies that are a combination of several plants.

They also strengthen the body's immune forces. If the patient has a type of chronic pathology, antibacterial agents are included in the complex. Immune drugs provide the best results in a relatively short period of time.

In addition, they contribute to the consolidation of pathologists' treatment results and prevent disease recurrence.

Sometimes it is more advisable to use complex preparations containing vitamins and minerals, as well as herbal substances. These funds help to speed up the recovery processes in Organs affected organs, increasing the ability to resist all types of infections.


It is also important to use physiological procedures in the prostatitis therapy complex. This therapy can help with complex treatments and speed up the "work" of medications, which ends up affecting the effectiveness of the treatment.

The advantages of such therapy are the following points:

  1. Physiotherapy improves the circulation of lymph and blood and helps to quickly dissolve inflammatory infiltrates. The uninterrupted flow of drugs is also guaranteed.
  2. The improved metabolic process has a positive effect on prostate restoration.
  3. The permeability of membrane cells facilitates the entry of drugs.

The most "popular" physiotherapy methods are:

  • Galvanizing sessions (low power direct current);
  • Electrostimulation procedures (causes muscle contractions);
  • UHF (action of a high frequency electromagnetic field);
  • Microwaves (action of ultrashort waves);
  • Magnetic therapy (low frequency current with constant magnetic field).

Prostate massage (prostate)

prostate massage for prostatitis

This procedure is also one of the physical therapy treatments for prostatitis. In this case, several types of massage are used. According to experts, regular prostate massage sessions help to prevent stagnation of the prostate, improving the processes of removal of secretions from the prostate. This procedure is contraindicated only when:

  • prostatitis is of an acute bacterial nature (the infection can become more widespread);
  • complications associated with pathologies of the anus occurred.

Technique to perform this type of massage

Sessions should be held only by a highly qualified professional - urologist or andrologist. This requirement is necessary to prevent damage. For the procedure, it is necessary to know clearly the location of the prostate and the origins of its malfunction. Massage:

  • accelerates the penetration of drugs into the prostate tissue;
  • promotes increased blood flow;
  • positively affects the gland muscles.

Surgical intervention

prostatitis surgery

The surgical treatment operation may be necessary with the development of several complications of the pathology.

For example, such a problematic phenomenon is the formation of abscesses and foci of purulent inflammation, which can only be removed in this way. Surgical treatment is also necessary when there is an urgent need to restore the ability to urinate through the urethral canal with an acute urinary retention that occurs when the urethral passage is narrowed.

The operation is indispensable even in the case of the development of irreversible processes, for example, prostatic hyperplasia. In this case, the surgical method of treatment is the most effective. With it, the size of the tumor and the signs of pathology decrease.

This method can cause side complications, although most male patients do not have specific health problems. In modern medicine, there are several types of surgical operations, the choice of which depends on several reasons determined by the doctor as a result of the examination.

Treatment with folk remedies

folk remedies for the treatment of prostatitis in men

It is worth highlighting this method separately. Scientific medicine does not consider folk remedies to be effective and correct, although some of them are quite effective and do not cause complications. For example, pathologies can be carried out using the well-known parsley.

Lie down with a liter of boiling water, put it on the fire and continue cooking over a low heat for a third of an hour. You can use not only grass, but also seeds. You can make a tincture with the seeds.

It should only be remembered that prostatitis is a serious condition. It will not disappear with the wave of a magic wand. Even with the obvious symptoms of the pathology disappearing, the process may go unnoticed by the patient, and "a beautiful day" suddenly manifests itself with acute inflammation or another problem.

That is why a high-quality comprehensive treatment course is required, which includes:

  1. visit to a highly qualified and experienced specialist;
  2. it is necessary to strictly follow the course of treatment that the doctor will prescribe.

Only with the complex treatment of prostatitis is it possible to completely get rid of this disease and be in good health for many years.