Prevention of prostatitis

No man in the world is immune to prostatitis. It is known that the disease is easier to prevent than to cure, so the prevention of prostatitis is important for all men.

To understand which preventive measures will be most effective, it should be noted that, due to the nature of the course, prostatitis is divided into acute and chronic. And the methods of preventing these diseases are different.

Prevention of acute prostatitis in men

Acute prostatitis is accompanied by an increase in temperature of up to 38 degrees and above, pain in the groin area, urinary disturbance and secretion of the urethra. He is treated in a hospital setting.

Acute inflammation of the prostate is usually caused by a bacterial infection: sexually transmitted diseases and intestinal microflora.

Therefore, for prevention it is necessary to:

  • observe personal hygiene;
  • wearing personal protective equipment during sexual intercourse, especially with unknown partners and during unconventional sexual intercourse;
  • do not cool too much.

Prevention of chronic prostatitis

With chronic prostatitis and chronic pelvic pain syndrome, the situation is much more complicated. Since the causes of these conditions are not precisely known, many preventive measures are recommended.

General preventive measures for chronic prostatitis

Countless recommendations in the literature and on the internet call the correction of lifestyle as preventive actions: food, physical activity, exclusion of bad habits, visits to specific sanatoriums and spas. Let's take a critical look at what popular sources offer as prevention of prostatitis.

Sports and exercise

Sedentary work and a sedentary lifestyle, which most residents of large cities lead, interrupt the blood supply to the pelvic floor muscles and mucous membranes. This impairs local immunity and can contribute to the development of infections.

Regular sports or gymnastics exercises train the muscles of the perineum and allow to eliminate blood stagnation in the small pelvis; long walks are also useful.

In fact, these exercises help men to stay "in shape", to maintain their physical condition, to prevent obesity, but they have little effect on the prostate or pelvic organs.

As the onset of chronic prostatitis can be preceded by hypothermia, patients are advised to exclude kayaking, diving, surfing and skiing from their lives.


Preventive course of massage of the spine in the lumbar region. Massage prevents congestion in the prostate area and prevents the appearance of prostatitis.

In fact, lumbar massage does not affect the condition of the prostate and cannot be considered a prevention of prostatitis.

Preventive course of prostate massage. The procedure supposedly prevents prostate stagnation and thus reduces the risk of developing prostatitis.

In fact, prostate massage - a procedure of dubious effectiveness, sometimes painful, is not a method of preventing prostatitis. Normal sexual intercourse can guarantee the discharge of secretions from the prostate.


Various foods - including vegetables, fruits, herbs, seafood, nuts, seeds in the diet. This helps to prevent constipation and reduce congestion in the small pelvis. It is believed that chronic constipation may be a predisposing factor for the development of chronic abacterial prostatitis, so this advice will really help to improve the condition of the prostate.

Eliminate the use of alcoholic beverages and beer, reduce the number of cigarettes smoked. In fact, it is better to exclude smoking altogether: it causes not only cancer (cancer of the lung, stomach, bladder, kidneys), but also impairs erectile function, which is so important for men, causes hypertension and other problems.

prostatitis in a man

Traditional methods of preventing prostatitis at home

Traditional medicine offers several drugs for the prevention of prostatitis. The use of vegetables and parsley seeds is considered especially useful.

In fact, the benefits of herbs and parsley seeds for the prostate have not been proven. The patient can use all of these means at his own discretion. These funds have not found scientific confirmation.

There is also information about the benefits of bee products for patients with chronic prostatitis: propolis, honey, royal jelly, pollen, bees bread, beeswax. It is believed that, when applied topically as rectal suppositories, these substances have antibacterial, healing properties and improve local immunity.

Research in this area has not yet been completed and does not have a clear evidence base.

Rest in sanatorium conditions

Some doctors recommend that patients with chronic prostatitis regularly visit mud baths and hydropathic baths. There is some evidence that courses in mud therapy, gas-thermal, mineral, coniferous, turpentine baths improve local immunity. It is worth remembering that patients with chronic prostatitis are referred for spa treatment only in the phase of stable remission.

Elimination of occupational hazards at work

In addition to a sedentary lifestyle, working with corrosive organic substances, heavy metals, dyes, solvents, etc. can have a detrimental effect on the work of the prostate. If a patient with chronic prostatitis has a profession associated with occupational risks, it is sometimes recommended to change the type of activity as a preventive measure.

Chronic prostatitis often develops in sailors, truckers, workers in chemical industries. Therefore, vibration, the effect of contrasting temperatures, motion sickness and hypodynamics can also be attributed to harmful factors in production.

Specific measures for the prevention of prostatitis

Urologist observation

Regular preventive examination by a urologist once a year.

Change in sexual activity

According to various sources, promiscuous sexual intercourse, long periods of abstinence, violation of personal hygiene rules, the practice of non-traditional sexual intercourse, the use of the technique of interrupted sexual intercourse without ejaculation, etc. they are termed as predisposing factors for the development of chronic prostatitis.

These factors lead to stagnation and the creation of conditions for infection of prostate secretion. Therefore, the use of personal protective equipment during sexual intercourse and personal hygiene are recommended as preventive measures.

The best prevention of prostatitis is regular sex with a single healthy sexual partner. This simple, useful and pleasant rule of thumb avoids many of the problems associated with prostate health.

Timely treatment of inflammatory diseases

One of the reasons for the appearance of chronic prostatitis is the insufficiently complete and competent treatment of infections of Organs pelvic organs. Sexually transmitted diseases, cystitis, urethritis, proctitis, inguinal lymphadenitis and other diseases can become a source of chronic infection that is transferred to the prostate by blood and lymph flow or upward pathway.

Therefore, for the prevention of chronic prostatitis, it is recommended to seek medical help promptly, not to self-medicate, not to interrupt the treatment with antibiotics and to follow all the doctor's recommendations.

Kegel exercises

A set of exercises to train and maintain the tone of Kegel's pelvic floor muscles helps to improve blood circulation in the small pelvis and is recommended as a prevention of chronic prostatitis. Includes:

  • Slowly contracting and relaxing your muscles.
  • Contractions: Fast cycles of tension and relaxation.
  • Push and stretch as in the stool or expel the last drops of urine.

These exercises can be done regularly, at the workplace, lying in bed or while traveling, with up to 150 repetitions per day.