Instructions for use Prostaline

Instructions for using Prostaline tablets

how to use prostalin

Prostalin is an antiprostatitis medication that helps to relieve pain and return to normal life. To obtain a positive result when taking the medication, you must follow the admission rules prescribed in the instructions for use.

Conditions for effective medication intake:

  • Stop smoking. In addition, it is recommended to limit the consumption of alcoholic beverages.
  • Menu settings. Salty and smoked foods, spices, fatty and sweet foods should be removed from the daily diet. It is also worth giving up any red confectionery and vegetables. You will need to add fish, meat and soups to the menu.
  • Avoid sugar and honey. In that case, you can replace popular products with marshmallows or jam.
  • Reduce stress. It is recommended to avoid conflicts, not to over-cool.
  • Refusal of intimate relationships. Intercourse should be limited until the pain symptoms subside.

Timely intake of the medication and development of new habits, the introduction of a new menu will help to achieve the desired result. How to use the drug? Prostaline capsules should be taken orally with plenty of water. You do not need to open the shell and eat the powder from the capsule against prostatitis. The dosage of the drug is 1 capsule a day after meals.

The first results will appear one week after the start of the course. For a complete recovery, you need to drink 30 to 40 tablets - 2 packs of Prostalina. After treatment, you should not return to your previous rhythm and way of life. Avoiding alcohol and junk food will reduce the risk of disease recurrence.

Indications for treatment - prostatitis at any stage. The tool is not recommended for use by patients with allergies to the components of the composition. These are the only contraindications to the use of the medication. The dietary supplement has no side effects. You can buy Prostaline if you live in Austria on the company's website.